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Cocoa & More 



éntisi sources chocolates that are made from the finest cacao beans  around the globe. From Java to Madagascar, Brazil to Ghana and the Dominican Republic to Peru – our chocolatiers only settle for the world’s finest chocolate. 

The Éntisi Chocolate Factory is equipped with the finest machines a chocolatier can aspire to have. With technology imported from Italy, Belgium and United States we have the perfect tools to create an excellent artisanal chocolate experience.


Éntisi’s team comprises of internationally trained and acclaimed chocolatiers who have worked in various continents. Together we strive to create the perfect chocolate for your own enjoyment or to gift to your important guests and loved ones.


Anything is good if its made of Chocolate

Jo Brandt

Chocolates & Gifts


We dedicate time to create each product and seamlessly combine excellence with refined taste. We are never the same. 

At éntisi perfection comes in a box, lavish collection of pick and choose as well as ready-to-go gift boxes. Each box is a tribute to quality, creativity, and impeccable design. Every visit to our boutique is a trip to discover sophistication, unique gift creations, handmade artistry and an exclusive style. We assure you an experience of delight and ecstasy - Everytime.

Chocolate Boutique

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Cacao & Me


Chocolate is not just my passion, its the purpose. 

I am an Economist by training, and an alumnus of the London School of Economics. There were several options to work for financial advisories and investment banks, but I was always focussed on creating a chocolate brand that India could be proud of. I trained extensively with Master Chocolatiers, some of the finest Chefs in Italy and also a Belgian chocolate academy to get a deep dive into the science of chocolate making.

As a chocolatier, it is a constant journey to create newer and better chocolates; to challenge the status quo, innovate with beans and flavours. With absolutely no compromise on quality we blend ideas and ingredients to create fresh chocolate experiences. 

I derive most satisfaction seeing the pure joy people experience as they bite into their éntisi chocolate. This is what keeps me going.


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