Pack of 4 Single Origin Chocolate Bars

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This pack contains 4 single origin chocolate bars.

Enter into the world of best cacao crus and let yourself be surprised by subtleties of our chocolate.

Single origin:

Ghana 40% Milk – 75 gm

Unmatched silky texture that reveals great red fruit and chestnut flavours in powerful cocoa and biscuit notes.

Madagascar 67% Dark – 75 gm

Coming from Madagascar – The great Red Island. This chocolate will take you on a journey to experience balanced tempered bitterness and strong fruity nuances.

Ecuador 70% Dark - 75 gm

This couverture dark chocolate has an intense cocoa flavor with deep roasted hints and accents of exotic fruits.

Tanzania 75% Dark – 75 gm

This ultimate dark chocolate has the perfect balance of pleasant acidity and intense cocoa bitterness with a touch of floral notes.

Best before: 9-6 months from date of Manufacturing

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